Alex Viall
Head of Regulatory Intelligence

Alex Viall is the Head of Regulatory Intelligence at Behavox, the end-to-end data operating platform for Compliance, CRM and Risk. He is a seasoned regulatory expert who both developed and leads Behavox’s network of Compliance professionals, as well as Radar, its quarterly magazine evangelizing the intersection of technology and compliance in financial services.

Alex has been working in compliance and regulatory roles for more than 30 years, in both the UK and US. He started as a regulatory supervisor for the UK’s Financial Services Authority, before becoming an investment bank compliance officer. Alex then co-founded the regulatory software business Complinet, which was a pioneer in the RegTech space when it was founded in 1997. He led the development of Complinet’s regulatory information services for 13 years prior to its successful sale to Thomson Reuters in 2010.

Alex currently lives in London with his wife and three children.

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