‘Radar’ is a source of regulatory intelligence that aims to address the manifold problems that are faced in operational risk and compliance. It is printed quarterly; this website also contains additional articles and features that are closer to real-time and may not have been possible to print due to their format. We aim to update the site daily if there is significant news that is of value to the market in terms of regulatory change, enforcement, market practice, and technological development.

Due to the popularity of Radar and the extraordinary access we get to the most credible organizations and people in the market, we believe that Radar offers a completely unique and highly progressive view of compliance, and the application of technology to improve compliance, in the modern fast-changing financial services space.

We have heard countless times that our coverage helps compliance and risk personnel to understand how to tackle some of the most current issues with context and confidence based on research and knowledge imparted in Radar. We aim to be, and often are, ahead of the curve. We think like compliance people and this allows us to focus on the concerns that we know the market is facing based on the intelligence and updates on compliance practice that we get from our exclusive community.

Radar is the collective effort of a team of seasoned journalists, researchers, ex-regulators, bankers and traders seeking a different approach to solving the problems of operational risk and compliance today. Above all, we advocate that technology is the essential tool that everyone has to use to survive, step up, or stay ahead.

We are not precious and always welcome feedback and suggestions to improve this service so don’t hesitate to contact us – just email alex.viall@radarintelligence.com